Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots

Looking for an elegant yet energetic slot game? Well then, it seems you have hit your jackpot because the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots is exactly that, plus so much more. If you're a bit of a lone wolf yourself, then this is totally the right slot for you. If a slot had been matched in heaven, then this one would still end up with you. The slot has been brought out by Rival Gaming, so if you know anything about them, then you'll know that they always deliver to the highest of standards - always. In this review, I'm going to be discussing all of the ins and outs of the slot, so that you don't have to go eternally searching for answers. So jump on board and join us today in the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots review.

Everything on a need to know basis

Here at the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots, you can expect to be firstly welcomed by 5 rows and up to 1,440 ways to win. I have to admit that I'm loving these figures - I think they're super worthwhile. As for the betting ranges, you can start this from as little as $0.25, with the maximum reaching $62.50. The RTP, which is the return to player rate so pretty important, comes in at 94.95%. Although this may be ever so slightly under the national average of 96%, it is still a good figure. They make up for this in other ways though, as there are valuable features galore here in the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots.

Symbols worth noting

For the symbols, be sure to keep you eyes peeled for the lower card values which are thee 9 - K. There are also top symbols, which include the wolf, eagle, full moon signs and of course, the dress. You should really try to stay alert for these symbols, because they're going to help you win bigger than you had ever imagined - truly. Some of their other features include the wild symbol, the free spins and the scatter. I'm really happy that the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots offers these things, because it really makes gaming here that much better.

My verdict

In my opinion, I couldn't recommend the Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots enough. It has got everything that I look for and more, including fantastic features and symbols. So don't hesitate any longer and see what you can accomplish with it, after all, why not? You don't have anything to lose?