Cobra King Slots

If visually pleasing video slots are the things you look out for, then you can quit your search, because I've found the star of the show. This wonderful slot, called Cobra King Slots, is one of the nicest ones I have seen so far, and trust me, I've seen many in my day. I review online video slots for a living, so it's safe to say that I have seen many, many types. This slot is set in an Arabic setting, with stunning buildings and mosques present throughout the background. There is a slight Aladdin feel to the Cobra King Slots, so if that's one of your favorite fairy tales, then you should definitely give this one a go. The sun is shining high up in the sky, but it's on its way down, so the sky is full of tons of beautiful colors. There is tons to note about this slot, so keep on reading my review if you're interested in finding out stuff about it.

General information regarding the Cobra King Slots

The first thing that I always begin with saying is who the slot was developed by, and in this case, it's Rival Gaming. It was brought out super recently, with it being just March of 2023. There is a low variance level, which is important to note. There's also the RTP, which is the return to player rate, so vital when we talk about financial success. This figure comes in at 94.2%, which is pretty epic. There are also 1,024 betways to enjoy the use of, which is a very pleasant figure. The layout of the game comes in at 5x4, which are also pleasant figures. The minimum amount that you can bet here is 0.3, and the maximum is 75. I'm loving these figures a lot, are you?

Features, Symbols and more

The main features include the following. There are the cascading wins, bonus symbols, expanding symbols, free spins, scatter symbols, sticky wilds, symbols collection, the wild symbols and the wilds with multiplier symbols. As for the symbols, make sure to look out for the chests, swords, treasures, Princesses, monkeys, snakes and tigers. There are many things to look out for here, I know, but do your best and don't let them slip past you.

End verdict

I really like the Cobra King Slots, and that says a lot coming from me. I am pretty hard to impress when it comes to video slots, so I'm pleased to say that this one is approved by me. Give it a play today and see what you can accomplish!