Bigger Cash Win Slots

If you are as obsessed with Las Vegas themed slot games as I am, then you need to take my word with this one. It is called the Bigger Cash Win Slots, and is everything I could possibly dream of and more. So, if I have caught your attention, then be sure to keep on reading because I'm going to be going into the deepest of details on what to expect plus much more. Let's first talk about the visual appearance that it has got. When you first open up the slot, you're going to be struck with bright, neon lights that represent the city of Las Vegas. There are plenty of things to look at in the background of the Bigger Cash Win Slots, so if this is what you like, then I would definitely encourage you to check it out.

Everything to know about the Bigger Cash Win Slots

So, what else is there to know about the slot? Well, it has been developed by Rival Gaming, so you can rest assured that the standards are going to be set high. These guys have been around for ages, and are constantly bringing out fierce new slots. In here, you can begin betting from as little as 0.15, and it has the possibility to reach as high as 75 coins. I'm loving these figures, because it results in a whole load of players being able to play and take part. In this day and age, slot games should absolutely cater for a wide range of players, so if they don't, then maybe it is time for you to find a different slot.

Symbols and Features worth mentioning

When you first open up the Bigger Cash Win Slots, you're going to be met with some retro symbols such as 7s, cherries and bars. If we're speaking more in depth, then these are the 7s, cherries, triple bars, double bars, bars and mixed bars.As well as those, there are also special features such as wilds and scatter symbols, so there's no fear in not winning big. You're going to fill up those pockets of yours, that's for sure.

End verdict

I'm totally obsessed with this slot, and I know that you will be too. I mean, after all, why would you not? It has got everything you could possibly want plus so much more. Give it a go today and see what you can accomplish with it, you're noy going to regret this decision, that's for sure.