Gold Rush Slots (Rival)

Chance your luck with this new and engaging video slot game called Gold Rush Slots. It has received some really nice reviews already, so I thought I'd take a look at it for myself. If you like the sounds of things, then be sure to keep reading through it, you're going to love it. The reels are set in a mountainous area, and the graphics are pretty simple. I love this feature though, because it makes it super different to all of the others. Sometimes the simple way is the best way, and the Gold Rush Slots certainly delivers on this aspect. So, without further ado, let's jump straight into the review and find out what's on offer here.

Everything worth remembering at the Gold Rush Slots

The first thing to note is that the game has been developed by Rival Gaming. It was brought out all of the way back in 2008, so it's an absolute classic let me tell you. The RTP comes in at 95.94%, which is a super good figure although it is ever so slightly under the national average of 96%. It's an old game though, so we have to make some exemptions. The RTP stands for the return to player percentage, so is super important. The minimum bet comes in at 0.01, and the maximum is 10. I think the variation in these figures are pretty good too, so well done Gold Rush Slots! The layout consists of a 3x3 grid, which is super nice. There are only 1 betways.

Features and everything else

When it comes to the features in the Gold Rush Slots, there aren't as many as I had hoped but the ones that they do have are fabulous, and we should always focus on the positives in life, even our gambling life. The main ones include the wilds and scatters, so be sure to look out for these at all times. Other symbols include the likes of the moneybags, BARs and excavators. Landing any of these in rows of 3 are going to help you win super big, so look out for them!


The Gold Rush Slots uses JS and HTML5 technology, so you can rest assured that the slot is going to run smoothly and efficiently. Give it a go today if you liked the sound of this review. After all, you don't have anything to lose unless you try it, right?