Catsino Slots

Did someone mention a kitty cat video slot? That's right, I did! This slot game is brought to us by the Rival software provider, so I'm expecting some pretty epic things in terms of features, graphics and gameplay. The slot is called the Catsino Slots, and has received some pretty superb reviews already. I'm super excited to check this game out, and I hope you are too. If you're looking for a trusted review that avoids all of the jibber-jabber, then you've come to the right place. This is somewhere where we talk honestly about what we're offered, and whether we think it's worth it, so jump on board and tag along!

Everything you should know - General Information

In the Catsino Slots, there are 5 reels and 50 paylines. I'm already chuffed at these figures, because it opens up a whole load of winning combination possibilities. I'm excited to see what else they are offering us. The maximum wager that can be found here includes that of 500 coins. There is a maximum payout of 3,125 coins, which is a fabulous figure, don't you agree? I'm loving the visuals that are included in the Catsino Slots, I think they're super cute. They're all designed to very high standards, so you can rest assured you're going to be covered in that department. The reels are set in a pretty simple, blurred background, but it's what we find on the reels that are the real star of the shows. Keep on reading to find out about all of the symbols.

Features and what they mean

As you may expect from a kitty-cat theme, you're going to find a ton of cat themed symbols. We have got multiple cats, such as the purple, pink, orange and yellow one. They also have valuable symbols such as the money stacks and the A, J, K, 9 and 10. Striking any of these in combinations will win you awards bigger than ever before, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and when they appear. Once they are gone they're gone, so don't miss them!


I'm loving the vibes that you can expect to find at the Catsino Slots. If you're a cat lover, then that's immediately a reason as to why you should play the game. Apart from that, it's the spectacular graphics and the filthy features. You're definitely going to bag a fortune here, so check it out today and see what you can accomplish from it!